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853 is a non blanketed  Romeldale lamb fleece, , nice soft hand, about 3 pounds, fair amount of veg. nice to hand comb, 12/2011


Brown badger CVM,2.5-3.5", soft to hard tips,non blanket part of fleece. 3#


a soft , 3-4"length, moderate  to heavy veg, break 1/2 way,


Brown badger CVM,3-3.5", soft tips,blanketed part of fleece. 3#


421/820 is a very clean and soft 2-3"blanketed fleece, 3.25 pounds

421/820 A is a soft 2-3" un blanketed fleece, 1.25 pounds slight veg.


This nice colored, soft, 3-4", soft tip fleece weights in at 8 pounds, average  veg


This 3.5 pound ,2-3"fleece would be good for combing, higher veg


896 is a 4-5",6.5 pound fleece, soft to hard tips, average veg, seems strong 



505(5 lbs)and 505A(4.75 lbs)is a soft 2 year fleece with 5-6" staple moderate to heavy veg.
soft to hard tips, lock seem strong. great for combing and that special dyeing project.

Fleece156 (no picture) is a white Romeldale, non blanketed ,3-4",6.5 lbs., soft to hard tips, average veg
Fleece 807, (no picture) grey CVM, 7lbs, 4-5", would be great for combing, nice and soft, heavy veg.